Funny Thanksgving Food

Funny Thanksgiving Food Bundle

If you have a few students who are still learning the names of the keys, this might be a good worksheet to either send home, do as a group, or while the student is waiting. I’ve made several attempts at this worksheet and I keep changing it as I have students try it.

I always get asked, so for those interested, I made this in Photoshop. I drew the pilgrim myself and he was lots of fun to draw. Some of the food was made using the shape tool that comes with the program and I added eyes.  My favorite is the eggplant. The little keyboards I drew years ago in Word. I keep using them over and over again!

Next I’m going to take the little keyboards and add them to some fish I’ve been drawing to play a game a fellow poster, Cecilly, has thought up.  She has so many helpful games that she calls “off the bench” activities and she is allowing me to start a special category just for her games. I hope to get started on that tomorrow.

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One thought to “Funny Thanksgiving Food”

  • Kendra

    I am loving your Turkey worksheets! Thanks!
    Kendra Betz, NCTM


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