He Is Risen Pre-reading

He Is Risen Pre-reading

He Is Risen  is a beautiful Easter carol in a pre-reading version. The words were written by the same woman who wrote the words to All Things Bright And Beautiful, a hymn I have arranged for elementary level and posted on my web site.

The hand position might be a little different since the 3rd finger of the RH is on middle C. There are several skips in this hymn, so see if your student can find and circle them. Practice playing them in the air. This will be good practice for when they are reading notes on the staff.

If you have a beginning student who would like to play sacred Easter hymn, try out this one. Your students might not know it,  but I think they will like it after they learn the melody.

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2 thoughts to “He Is Risen, a pre-reading Easter carol

  • Karen

    Thanks for the Easter hymn. They are hard to find for young players! I did notice though that the fingering chart includes two right hands. Could you change the left hand finger numbers?

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for letting me know to quickly, so I was able to change it this morning. My student and I didn’t even notice it. I’ve always had problems with left and right!

      I’m glad you like the Easter carol. So many of them are not in the public domain, so I can’t post them. You might also want to try the one I posted a few days ago.


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