Hearts and Clubs Interval Game

Hearts and Clubs Interval Game

I really meant to post this earlier but it is a busy time of the year. This is an interval game using my Hearts and Clubs theme. The hearts make it a good game for Valentine’s, but it can also be played any time of the year. This is another fast learning game that will not take up very much lesson time.


  •  learn to identify intervals quickly by sight
  • review intervals if the student already knows them
  • quickly identify intervals under pressure


  • Suitable for elementary and older students who have learned intervals up to octaves
  • Some younger children can play if given lots of time

Materials Needed

  • Printed game board with the interval flash cards
  • Sand timer or stop watch
  • Bingo chips


Give the student a set of interval flash cards. Set the timer. The student quickly draws a flash card and places a bingo chip on the corresponding interval degree.  The object is to cover all the interval degrees on the game board in the fastest time possible. Beginning students might enjoy a non-timed game better.

This game can also be played with student and teacher or at a group lesson.

Student and teacher: One player uses the hearts on the game board and the other uses the clubs. Players take turns drawing flash cards and covering the corresponding interval with chips on their game board. The first person who covers all their hearts or clubs wins.

In a group: Each player has a game board and bingo chips or you can put two students on each card. Students take turns drawing flash cards and covering the corresponding interval with bingo chips. Place discarded flash cards back in the deck or print extra if you have a large group.

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3 thoughts to “Hearts and Clubs – Intervals

  • Ladyd Piano

    I love sharing intervals with students, especially hearing the distance in sound, using flash cards and now this wonderful game. I will definitely use these. Thank you!

  • Lorraine Hétu Manifold

    Love your sense of creativity and your dedication to make music lessons fun for your students!

    • susanparadis

      Thank you!

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