Hearts and Clubs Notes and Keyboards Game

Hearts and Clubs Notes and Keyboards

This is the first in a set of “Hearts and Clubs” activities that do not take up much valuable lesson time. I am posting this note identification printable in time for Valentine fun, but I made it generic enough so that it can be played all year long. The game board is just a starting place for all the different ways it can be used. Have fun coming up with new ideas!

There are 4 pages of flash cards included in this PDF document, including a page of keyboard cards. If you wish, you can use your own flash cards. To keep from printing the flash cards, set your printer to print page one only.


  • learn to identify notes on a grand staff  by sight
  • quickly identify the notes on the grand staff
  • use flash cards in a fun way


  • Suitable for elementary and older piano students

Materials Needed

  • Printed game board
  • Note flash cards included in the download (or use your own), shuffled well
  • Bingo chips


There are several ways to play this learning activity.

1. Individually: Put the flash cards you want the student to review in a stack face down. Using an hourglass sand timer, the student quickly draws a flash card and places a bingo chip on the corresponding note name. The object is to cover all the note names on the  game board before the hourglass runs out.  An alternate version is to use a stopwatch instead of a sand timer.

2. Two players, such as student and teacher or two students:  One player uses the hearts on the game board and the other uses the clubs. Players take turns drawing flash cards and covering the corresponding note names with chips on their game board. The first person who covers all their hearts or clubs wins.

3. In a group: Each player has a game board and bingo chips or you can put two students on each card. Students take turns drawing flash cards and covering the corresponding note names with bingo chips. Place discarded flash cards back in the deck or print extra if you have a large group. If the group has different levels, give the beginners the easier flash cards.

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3 thoughts to “Hearts and Clubs – Notes

  • LadyD

    What a fun, educational game. I love this, thank you!

  • foxxpianostudio

    Love it! If you have time, do you mind making some keyboard cards as well for students that aren’t on the staff yet? These are way too cute! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant and fun! Thank You!

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