This is a step-by-step diagram showing how to draw treble and bass clefs.

How To Draw Clef Signs

Recently one of my friends asked if I have ever posted a page on how to draw treble and bass clef signs. I have made some pages that to teach this concept in the past, but the only one currently on my site is for the iPad. So today I am adding this worksheet to my site. The iPad version is still available here.

Students should also practice with pencil and paper to get a better feel for drawing notation symbols.  However, if you have a lot of students, printing can get expensive. So use erasable markers and either laminate it or use sheet protectors.

If students need to practice this for a theory test, it’s a really good idea to practice on the same size staff as printed on the test. I have many size staves free for all on my site here (for individual pages) and here (for a bundle). There is even a grand staff with the clefs already printed.

The idea behind this worksheet is that if the clefs are big, students will have an easier time drawing them. And by breaking the tracing down into several steps, they are able to manage better. And often in theory books students are asked to copy the art of a professionally engraved clef, which is really not necessary.

Treble Clef

  • Start at the top.
  • The curved line crosses on the pink/peach colored line.
  • As it comes down it starts to spiral on the bottom line.
  • The spiral continues around and up to the green line. This indicates the line for G
  • It continues to spiral and stops in the middle of the bottom space.

Bass Clef

  • Start on the pink line and curve like a backwards letter C.
  • Stop in the middle of the bottom space.
  • Draw the two dots in the space above and below the pink line to indicate the line for F.

When students learn music, it’s easier if they learn correctly from the beginning. The same is true when learning how to write music notation!

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