This tutorial shows how to use your iPad to download and markup the free material I post on my website.

Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to use your ipad to download and markup the free material I post on my website. While there are many teachers who already do this, there are some teachers who are new to iPads or unsure how to do it. Plus you can use this app for writing on any PDF for personal business, helping with homework, and homeschooling. 

This tutorial is for Books in the latest iOS operating system [12.1.4 in March, 2019] for the iPad at the time of this posting. Future readers, keep that in mind. If you have a real old iPad that you can’t update because it is too old, then this tutorial might not work for you. In the old versions of iBooks, there were no drawing tools. I’m not sure what year they were added.  

Books comes built-in with your iPad so it is free. It is usually used for reading books on your iPad, but as Apple updated it over the years, it added the feature to draw on PDFs. It was originally called iBooks, but in recent updates it is called simply Books. You just need to know that iBooks and Books are the same app.

Getting Started

First you need to download a PDF from my site and for this tutorial you need to use Safari, not Google.

Opening the App

Now the file has to be opened in an app that lets you write on PDF documents.

  • At the very top right  of the screen, select the icon of the little box with an arrow pointing up.
  • A  small box with three rows will open. 
  • On the second row you will see an icon of an open book that is labeled “Copy to Books.”
  • Select that icon and Apple Books opens.
  • Swipe through all the introductory material and select Continue.

Drawing on the PDF Document

At this point, Clover Full of Notes should show up automatically. The following shows how to draw on it. 

  • Tap the bottom of the screen and some icons will appear.
  • At the top right, select the icon of the little pencil in a circle. 
  • The writing tools will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • From left to right, the drawing tools are: marker, highlighter, pencil, and eraser.
  • The circle with dotted lines is a selector tool.
  • Use this to draw a circle around items to delete. Touch inside the circle to delete.
  • The remainder of the icons are colors. The selected color will have a gray inner circle.
  • Tips of the drawing tools also show the color. 
  • The circle with all the colors is a color selector so you are not limited to the 6 colors that you see.
  • Select the pencil by touching once. Touch it twice to change the opacity and thickness of the pencil.  
  • Tap on the screen to start drawing. 

Other Hints

The tiny plus icon on the bottom right opens some more drawing tools such as a circle or square and a way to type on the file.

There is an undo icon on the far left so you can clear everything off and be ready for your next student.

Clear off the previous student’s work so the markings will not be saved on your original file. However, if that happens, you can always download the file again.

To use the black and white version of Clover Full of Notes, deselect the tools icon and swipe to the left. Then reselect the drawing tools as you did above.

The next day, if you want to use Clover Full of Notes again, simply open the Books app and you will see it in the library. There is a way to group items to make collections in the library but that is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

So if you have ever wanted to try going paperless, this is a simple, straight forward, and free way to get started!

I love to print the things I make because, well because I make them, so I use a combination of printing and my iPad. But if you have ever wanted to try out going paperless, this is a good option! While it seems long in the tutorial, in real life it is really fast. Let me know if this tutorial helps you and I will do more!

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  • Gaylinn Thompson

    Do you have games for pre-beginners for Android users? I love what I see for the I-pad, but we only have android.


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