Key Signature Chart

Major Key Signature Chart

I’m a visual person. I can’t learn anything unless I can visualize it in my head in an organized way. That must be why I am continually making charts and handouts for my students.  I received some requests for more key signature charts so here is another one I use a lot. I use the sentence “Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle” for sharps, and for flats I use “Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father”. Learning aids such as this that can be said forward and backwards teach the student about the circle of 5ths.  I  try to make it clear that the sentences are just one way of moving by 5ths, because keys move by 5ths.

Blank Major Key Signature Chart


This one is blank and I make a lot of copies for students to write out the chart many times. As I tell my students,  it doesn’t do any good to have a chart if you can’t write it yourself.

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