Musical Memory Game 5B

Musical Memory Game 5B

I’ve finally found time to post the second half of the vocabulary words to the 5th level of the Musical Memory Game. The cards for the first half of the words (which I call level 5A) were posted last week and can be found here. Feel free to mix words and symbols from different levels to suit the needs of your students.

Print the first page on sturdy card stock, being careful to set your printer to print page one only. After printing the first page, re-insert the page  into your printer to print the back of the cards, using the correct method for your printer.

To play, lay the cards out face down, 4 in each row. Two players take turns turning the cards to match the word with the definition. If the words match, the student keeps the cards and gets a second turn.  The object of the game is to collect the most cards, but the objective is to learn some new music vocabulary words. These words are one half of the vocabulary words students need to know for level 5 of the TMTA theory test.

It is not necessary to print the back of the cards to play the game, but if you don’t, be sure to label them so the sets will not get mixed up. The other sets can be found by typing in Musical Memory Game in the search tab on the right, or doing a Google search: Susan Paradis Musical Memory Game.

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One thought to “Musical Memory Game 5B”

  • Melissa

    I SO appreciate the varying levels of the memory game. My students have enjoyed them and I have LOVED finding such a wonderful resource online. THANK YOU!!


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