Musical Memory Game Set Four

Musical Memory Set Four

Musical Memory Game Set Four is a fun memory matching game to learn music vocabulary words. The cards are placed in 4 rows of 4 cards, face down. Players take turns turning 2 cards trying to find a match. If they have a match, they keep the cards. If they don’t, the turn them both face down again. The player who has the most cards wins. Use a grid to help students remember where to replace their cards if they don’t match. Musical Memory Grid

This set includes some of the vocabulary words and terms that are on Level Four of the Texas State Theory Test. It doesn’t include all the words in Level Four however, so keep that in mind if you are using these cards to study for the test.

Other Uses for the Musical Memory Cards

Do you have trouble getting students to notice expression marks and  other musical signs and symbols on their music?

A few months ago my friend Cecilly had a good idea to help students become aware of the symbols  in a new piece of music. She calls that game Sign and Symbol Hunt and you can read how to play it here, or look in Cecilly’s Games category. You can use these cards for that activity.

I like to call this a “treasure hunt” and tell the students that looking for expression marks is like looking for hidden treasure. You can mix and match from all the levels of cards I’ve posted for this activity.

And, of course, you can use the cards from all four levels in the series as mini-flash cards.

Or, at a group lesson, you can put the cards in a bowl and let students draw them out. The student who knows the most cards wins. What? You have different levels in your group lessons? Don’t we all! Put your students in teams and let the older students explain the meaning to the younger ones.

As you can see, there are many ways to use these cards other than playing a memory game, so be creative! If you have some ideas, please post your comment here rather than email me, so we can share with other teachers.  Comments are closed after 30 days.

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