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With spring recitals just around the corner,  I decided to post a new, free recital program that you can edit in Word. I’m also posting the art that you can use along with it. The balloon in the background is very light, nearly transparent, and it is made for you to type your student information over it. Because of the transparency, it will not use too much ink. These programs are a full 8 1/2 x 11 page size, so there is no cutting or folding. Since the template is made in Word, you can change the fonts, the color, the wording, the margins, and the size of the table. There is no border, so you can make the table larger or smaller to fit your studio. This template uses the table tool, so if you don’t know how to use tables in Word, do some research on the web or ask someone to show you how.


  • Open the Editable Recital Template in Word for Windows.
  • To use the template, select your tab key to tab across each line. Type over what I have written. If you find one of your song titles is too long, you can either reduce the font size slightly of only that title, or change the size of the cell, if you’re hand with tables.
  • The light gray lines for the table will not show up when printed. If you do not see the table lines, which are really helpful, select “view guidelines” in the table layout menu. Select and type over my text and delete my text.
  • Change the heading to the name of your recital.
  • Using 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, print the number of pages of the art page you need. Most teachers print about 3 or 4  pages for each student playing. It’s better to have extra than not enough, as I learned the hard way.
  • Insert the art page back into your printer and print a test page of your Word document to check if it prints on the correct side.
  • If it looks good, print all the pages you need.
  • Feel free to use the Word template on blank paper without the art. Light pastel-colored paper makes a nice spring recital program.
  • If you change fonts, use one that is clear and legible. If you want to use a fancy script font, use it for the title only.





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3 thoughts to “New Recital Program

  • cheryl benefield

    Susan, This is a beautiful recital template that I’d love to use; but I can’t download it. My version of microsoft needs to be upgraded (not something that my husband will agree to $$). I can download everything else that you create. Can you save this in a lower version in case there are others like me who can’t get an upgrade just yet ?
    BTW, thank you for the wonderful printables for St. Patrick Day, my students loved using them. I’m transitioning in Easter for next week…not many weeks to use the Easter materials especially since Spring Break follows right after the day.


    This is wonderful, Susan. Thank you so much!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks, Linda. I hope it is easy to use!


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