Staff Paper for composing_smallerStaff Paper for Student Compositions

Over the weekend I had a bunch of student compositions that I promised  I would engrave in Finale.  It took me a very long time as I shuffled through different size copies that I could barely read. Some didn’t have student names and I had to guess who they belonged to.  As I was working, I reminded myself that a few things would help make it easier:

  1. Write their name, date, and the title of their piece on each page.
  2. Number each page.
  3. Always give their piece some sort of title.
  4. Remind  students to always number their measures.
  5. Staple their pages together so they won’t get lost.
  6. Use pencil, but go over it with a darker pencil so I can read it and photocopy it.

It was at this point that I decided to make some new staff paper for them with a grand staff, bar lines, the measures numbered, and a place for their name, title, and date. I posted it here in case other teachers are interested. Perhaps some of the other web sites on my blog roll have paper like this, and I have to admit I forgot to check. I was working in Finale at the time and this just popped right out!

I’m going to try this out with my students and see how it goes. Over time, if I see some changes that need to be made, I’ll revise it.

There are actually two pages to this PDF. If you don’t want the measures written in, but still want the grand staff, print only the second page.  I also made another set exactly like this with a larger staff for younger children. For those of you who want plain, ordinary blank staff paper, I have previously posted several sizes, so do a search to print out what you want.

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One thought to “New Staff Paper for Student Compositions”

  • Carol Dawn

    Am anxious to see this with a larger staff for younger children. Am thinking of having some of the students compose a little song as a Christmas gift for a parent. We’ll roll it up and wrap it in Christmas wrapping. They’ll take it home with them on their last lesson before Christmas.
    Many thanks!


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