Note Matching

Note Matching

Not too long ago one of my younger students was watching his older brother do some theory work on the iPad. Like most little brothers, he wanted to try it too, but it was a little too hard for him. I asked if he wanted me to make something just for him, and he was pretty excited about that!

One mistake that teachers often make when using an iPad with young children is that the screen is too small for the young hand to navigate. If you use worksheets and apps with your students, they have to be age appropriate. I made this one nice and big and students only need to draw short lines. Because it is so big, you can also use it on your mobile phone with older students.

Sometimes in our rush to use new technology, we forget that children learn better with old-fashioned hands on activities. As a music educator, I’ve always been concerned about child centered teaching. My advice to teachers is to keep that in mind and not over-do worksheets and mobile devices with our elementary piano students. After all, piano lessons are a hands on activity! Moderation in all things is always a good thing to remember.

If using a lot of ink is not a problem for you and you don’t have an iPad or some other tablet, these sheets are high quality PDFs and can be printed.

  • Use the MTNA discount and print them at Office Depot.
  • Check for a color print sale at office stores, drug stores, or big box stores.
  • Place in clear sheet protectors or laminate to use with dry or wet erase markers.
  • Black dry erase markers erase better than the colored ones.

Wet erase markers are a lot easier to use, but if you teach in your living room like I do, that is not an option, unless you cover everything in painter’s drop cloth! 🙂

If you are looking for a good, free app to use, I recommend MetaMoji Note Lite also called Note Anytime Lite. You can find my tutorial here. This app can be used on most mobile devices including iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows, and your mobile phone.  [Disclosure: I am not affiliated with this company. I found this app on my own, and I think it is very teacher friendly.] Email me if you have trouble figuring out how to use it.


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6 thoughts to “Note Matching for iPad or to Print

  • Yuliana Mcewan

    Dear Susan! Thank you very much! I really like and enjoy thw @Open in Note@

  • Yuliana Mcewan

    Dear Susan! Thank you very much for introduction to the OPEN in Notes”. It is really great!

  • Chris

    I do not see how to download matching notes to your website iPad downloads.

    I have downloaded some of your others to metamoji note lite.



    • Susan Paradis

      Hi Chris. Which device as you using? Have you tried the tutorial? I will try to contact you by email.

  • Carolyn

    I open your PDF on my iPad. When I go to “Open in Note”, nothing happens.when I press the three lines or on the name. I have downloaded the app on my iPad and done the confirmation

    • Susan Paradis

      Carolyn, I would love to help you. I’ll try to contact you by email.

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