This is a quick worksheet to review level 2 notes on the grand staff.

Note Reading Review Level 2

Last week I posted the first of a set of note reading reviews because students forget so much over the summer. Actually, they just forget all the time because there is so much time between lessons. Can you imagine how much faster students would learn theory if they worked on it every day? That’s why we have to be patient and do the best we can.

Today I am posting the second level of this set. It is only a little more challenging than level 1, but students will need to know seconds and thirds.

If you look at the top left hand corner, I have written the level on each page. I didn’t want to make the levels too obvious because students start piano at all grades. I made these sheets so they can be used with all ages of music students.

On this page, students will:

  • Write the music alphabet twice, to make sure they know what comes after G.
  • Label 6 notes on a keyboard, so they will have to follow directions.
  • Draw given notes on the bass clef.
  • Distinguish between intervals of a second and a third.
  • Identify notes on the treble clef.
  • Analyze measures to find a musical pattern of steps and skips.

Check back because I will be posting several more levels. Feel free to use these printables with your students. They are also good to use to study for theory exams and for transfer students to help you assess what they already know.

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  • Beverly Holt Guth

    Thank you, Susan. You’re so thoughtful! 🙂 Beverly Holt Guth


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