Orange Popsicles

Orange Popsicles

[Update: The 2011 TMTA is over and it was great!]

This weekend I am attending the Texas Music Teacher’s Convention. We have a lot of teachers in Texas, so we have 3 days of workshops.

The convention is great. I have already attended 3 sessions with Randall Faber, and sessions with Jennifer Lin, Brenda Dillon, Richard Rejino, and some other great teachers. I picked up a lot of tips and  ideas which I hope to try out with my students. If you ever have the opportunity to attend workshops for piano teachers, please take advantage of them. I  always get excited about teaching and enthused to try out all the new ideas and music.  And it is so wonderful to get together with like-minded people, because the average person doesn’t understand what is involved with being a good piano teacher.

Today I got up really early to post this companion to Frozen Yogurt Rhythms in case you want to use both printables together. You can either make copies for their notebooks, or make one laminated copy to use in your studio.

This is a continuation of my summer treats theme.  I am an amateur computer artist, but it is a  fun hobby for me.  Art is very much like piano. The more time you spend on it, the better you get.  I don’t have a lot of natural art talent, but I keep working at it, just like a student has to do to be a good musician.

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6 thoughts to “Orange Popsicles – to practice writing notes on a grand staff

  • Amy

    Thank you for posting these! My summer students love them! I only print one in color and put it in a page protector – then during lessons we use a vis-a-vis marker and wipe it clean before the lesson is over. Saves on ink – can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Michelle Gordon

    I would LOVE it if you could post some ideas that you got from the sessions that you attended!!!!

  • Diane Conway

    Susan, you are a very talented woman!! I admire you and appreciate so much the contributions you give!!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for another great, colorful worksheet! I can’t wait to print this out and laminate it for my students to use over the summer. 🙂

  • Anonymous


    I love your summer treat worksheets! I use them with my Crayola Activity Center that was suggested in another blog. I told one of my students that the Frozen Yogurt was a test from the Texas Theory Exam, and she was proud of herself because she got them all right. Her smile just lit up her face.

    Thank you for all the great ideas that you share. Although you say you are an amateur, they always have such a professional appearance.


  • Anonymous

    I think you are doing great! Thank-you!


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