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🎼  🤔 Have you ever had a student return to piano lessons after a break, and unfortunately they can’t remember all the rhythms, counting, and vocabulary they learned? That has certainly happened to me as a teacher, (and a student, too 😲 ) so that is why I made these six fast and progressive pages for elementary and late elementary students that will quickly give you a heads up on just what rhythm skills they should be working on. These pages are especially good for:

• Students resuming lessons
• Adults who are returning to piano
• Students who are new to piano, but have some experience in another instrument
• Self-taught students
• Students preparing for theory exams

Each page of these sheets are concise and steadily increase in difficulty from quarter notes to sixteenth notes and rests.

The six pages included are:
• Page 1 – quarter to whole notes and rests, 4/4 time signature
• Page 2 – 3/4 time signature
• Page 3 – draw rhythms on staff
• Page 4 – eighth notes and rests
• Page 5 – 16th notes and rests
• Page 6 – 3/8 and 6/8 time signatures

Rhythm Review contains 6 pages of PRINTABLE PDF rhythm theory worksheets made to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. These are digital files for you to print yourself. Set up an account so your link will be sent there. If your internet provider allows it, your links will also be emailed to you. Please double-check the email you use as well as your PayPal account email so your links will be sent to the correct address. Once you have saved your file, you may print it yourself or use a print shop of your choice.

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These files are for your private use. You have permission to make copies for the students in your private studio. Do not share with anyone outside of your studio. If you are not a teacher, you have permission to use it with your family. Each teacher and/or parent needs to make a separate purchase and not share with teachers in a school or business. The art is copyrighted and may not be altered or used any way except the way it is printed on the PDF download. There are no refunds on digital products but email me if you have problems and I will work with you. Please see the FAQ for complete licensing requirements. Thank you for your purchase!

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