Rhythm worksheets with a pumpkin theme

Pumpkin Music Math

What better time than now for a Throwback Thursday pumpkin worksheet!

Pumpkin Music Math is a set of two rhythm worksheets. The two versions in the file include an easy and a harder worksheet.

The easy version is for first year students who have learned whole, half, dotted half, and quarter notes. There are also whole, half, and quarter rests.

The harder version is for students who are learning eighth notes and dotted quarter notes.

There is a quarter note in the middle of the pumpkin. For each example, they count the quarter note in the middle first. Then they add it to the rhythm patterns in each group. At this point they should have a whole number such as 2, 3, or 4. Then they convert that into a note such as a half note, dotted half note, or whole note. They draw the note in the blank.

If you are a parent or new teacher, you might wonder why use a note instead of writing the number. In addition to giving practice drawing notes and remembering the names, it makes it easier to learn 6|8 meter later on.

Dotted notes are tricky to explain, but it is a lot easier if you teach that a dotted quarter note equals three eighth notes. That is why the Kodaly method uses three eighth notes tied together to teach a dotted quarter note.

I’ve had so many adults tell me they can’t teach themselves any new music because they don’t know how to count the rhythm! I hope worksheets like this will help students understand counting better.

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2 thoughts to “Pumpkin Music Math

  • Lillian Simmons

    Gee, this is not so easy! Do you have an answer key?

    • Susan Paradis

      No, I don’t have an answer key. I think you can do it!


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