Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle One

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle Two

[UPDATE: To make it easier, all the Animal Alphabet Search & Find pages are now in two bundles. Bass B to treble G are found in bundle one, and Bass C up to A (below middle C) are in bundle two. There are 12 pages total.]

Finally, the last of the Search and Find games. My students must be sick of them, and you probably are, too! Even if you don’t use them all, they really seem to help students learn how to identify notes. My student, who has been testing these out, asked if we could play the Ladybug Game instead. Since they are both very fast games, we played both! But I thought up more ways to use them so they don’t get so repetitious.

  • One thing I did was download a few of them into my iPad and had the student cross out all the notes that were not F.
  • I also played it that way as a board game with my magnetic chips. Instead of covering the F’s, we covered the notes that were not F.
  • Another idea is to print out 2 copies, one for you and one for your student. Take turns drawing alphabet cards, and see who can cover the F’s first. To keep from having to print out a lot of letters, throw the letters you draw back into the pile to draw again.  You can also play this with 2 students.
  • A lot of students like to see how fast they can cover the notes, so I use a stop watch. This makes some students nervous, so I don’t do that with everyone.
  • These printables can also be worksheets. Print out one copy and put it in a sheet protector. The student can circle notes with a dry erase marker, which works really well if you remember to erase it right away. I actually use the same sheet both ways, as a board game and as a worksheet, and I only had to make one copy.

This is the ninth printable in a series of “Search and Find” games. I have already posted Search and Find C, D, E, F, G and A, so you can see why I’m pretty tired of Search and Find. However, I’m not finished with my animal characters, so look for them to reappear soon!

Coming up tomorrow, the academic calendar I post every year.

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2 thoughts to “Search and Find Bass F

  • Whitney P

    Tired of your teaching resources……NEVER!!! Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful set for beginning students. AND for sharing it for free. You are incredibly generous and your materials are always of the highest quality. So glad I found your blog and site!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks. You just made my day!


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