Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 1

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 2

[UPDATED: To make it easier, all the Animal Alphabet Search & Find pages are now in two bundles. Bass B to treble G are in bundle 1, and Bass C up to A (below middle C) are in bundle 2. There are 12 pages total.]

Here is the latest Search and Find Game that I hope you will find helpful for your student. This is the fifth game in a series of “Search and Find” games. I have already posted Search and Find Middle C,  Search and Find D, Search and Find E, and  Search and Find F. Rather than post the directions and objectives again, new readers can go to Search and Find C and read up on how to play this game.  Of course, they can also be used as printable worksheets sheets.    

On my Facebook page, Whitney posted this about how she uses printables.

Most “funsheets” are in page protectors, so they wipe off easily. I have several huge binders that I store them in– organized by topic and/or season. They’re also a great way to keep waiting students busy AND drill important things at the same time.

Thank you so much for the suggestion Whitney. It just so happens that big box stores and office supply stores are starting their back to school sales, so now is a good time to think about buying binders and page dividers. I love the idea to organize them by seasons as well as topic.

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One thought to “Search and Find G”

  • Kerri

    This is fantastic. I am teaching a four year old and she struggles to write out note names. I used to design worksheets and add note names with prestik on the back to make them stick. This is so much quicker! I print out the sheets for homework and run through it with her during the lesson using skitch on the ipad. Of course the “G for Giraffe” song is an absolute hit too. Thanks Susan! These resources are really incredible and I am so happy that I stumbled upon your website.


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