Snowman Note Bingo

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and you are ready to teach again. In my studio, we will be playing some fun theory games!

Today I am posting a winter season bingo game. If you have already printed out my previous Christmas bingo game, you probably don’t want to print this one. The art is different, but the bingo game is the same. This game can still be played in January, and it uses less ink. I am gradually remaking many of my printables to use less ink, which should make teachers happy!

Speaking of printing, if you have a color printer that will print “borderless”, that is, printing with no margins, this is a good printable for that because I made it with no margins. However, most of my other printables have a 1/2 inch border, and you cannot use them with borderless printing. Only use the borderless setting on PDF’s that are made without a border around the edges.

Some printers will not let you select borderless unless you also select the “photo paper” setting in your printer dialog box. Go ahead and choose the photo paper setting even if you use card stock. Also, most printers do not print borderless if they are also printing duplex (printing both sides), so remember that for other projects.


  • Bingo Cards
  • One or more pages of calling cards, printed and cut out.
  • Bingo chips
  • Container to hold calling cards


  • Players take turns drawing cards and covering the correct note, closing their eyes as they draw.
  • Return the calling card to the container after each turn.
  • If a wild card is drawn, it can be placed on any note.
  • The first player to cover all the notes on the board is the winner.
  • Alternately, with a group, the teacher can draw and call the notes.


  • To review notes on the grand staff.
  • To improve speed in identifying notes.
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3 thoughts to “Snowman Bingo Game and Borderless Printing

  • Betsy

    This will be much appreciated by my two little girls who don’t celebrate Christmas. The snowflake theme is wonderful…and they’re dropping in abundance here today!! Thank you again for your wonderful resources, Susan!

  • carda

    Appreciate the lowered use of ink. Your games still form the background of the treats the piano students enjoy!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Jennifer from Orlando

    Yet again another thing I can do with my Jewish students! Thank you so much Susan!


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