Snowflake Keyboard Race Game

Snowflake Keyboard Race

It is the last lesson before  the holidays and you want to do something different. This is a fun game that is the same game as the  Shamrock Keyboard Race  game I posted last year except it has  a snowflake graphic. Maybe you never got around to playing it last year, so now you can play it before  the holidays and even into the winter months.

Print the 2 pages of cards and cut them out.  Give one set to the student and the other set to the teacher. Both players sit on the piano bench with their own set of cards, which have been shuffled.  Each player has a set of cards on his side of the piano.  Players take turns  drawing a card and moving a pawn to the key they draw.  The player on the right side always moves to the left and the player on the left side always moves to the right , with both players moving toward the middle.  The first player to pass the middle (either middle C or middle E; you can decide) is the winner.

You may run out of cards before you get to the middle, so you can turn the cards over and start again, or you can print out more cards and play past middle C and down to the other end of the keyboard.

I added an F# and Bb card to the deck, but I will not use it with beginning students. I included it just in case you play this with a student who is starting to learn sharps and flats.

If you have ever discovered that your student doesn’t know the names of the piano keys, this game will really teach it to him quickly!

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5 thoughts to “Snowflake Keyboard Note Race

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  • Dawn

    Enjoy your site! Thanks for your great resources. I did the snowflake activity w/a student last week & he loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for all of your great ideas! You make teaching piano so much easier and more fun for me and my students!

  • Carol Dawn

    Won’t get to this before Christmas, but since we’ve just had our first snow, looking forward to playing it in January and February.
    The shamrock race is the absolute favorite with the young ones here.
    Thanks much.


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