This is a fun, helpful activity from Cecilly, and you don’t have to print anything out. Here are her directions:

Using a short piece or rhythmic pattern, (8 measures or so) choose what you want to have the student focus on (a specific recurring rhythm value, simple pattern, rest, etc.), and then explain  that every time you get to the item of focus you’ll change your body position.

For example, say the focus will be half notes.  Sing the words or count the rhythm. At the first half note, stand up (and stay up) continuing with the words/counting until the next half note when you’ll sit down (at stay down) until the next half where you’ll stand up again, etc. etc.

This creates a fun up and down movement activity and really gets the student to pay attention to the rhythm.

Cecilly said:

I sometimes do this activity when I want the student to focus on
rests. We stand/sit on each rest. Sometimes I’ll just put the CD on
and we’ll respond this way simply as we listen to the music. Other
times we’ll chant the words. There are lots of possibilities.”

I have actually done this kind of thing with my students before and it is a lot of fun. The other day a beginning student kept missing (over and over again) a certain note. Since there were only about 5 notes in the song I knew I had to do something different, and quickly. I told him were were going to stand every time that note appeared.  In my version, we stood up and sat down immediately. Up and down we went, laughing and having fun. Amazingly, he didn’t miss that note again. It’s just a matter of narrowing the focus and it really works!

Thanks, Cecilly, for another very helpful activity.

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