Rhythm Review Levels 1-3

Rhythm Review 1

Rhythm Review 2

Rhythm Review 3

Today I am re-posting some free worksheets to review rhythm concepts. These are kind of like a mini exams so teachers know what their students have learned and retained from the rhythm concepts we have taught them. They tests notes and rests from quarter to whole, including dotted notes. They do not include eighth notes.

I’ve noticed that my students enjoy worksheets a lot more if I add a little bit of color, so that is how I made these. They are fast enough to do in the lesson.

The problem in weekly lessons is that there is so much to learn, students often forget what we so carefully teach. In addition to being a good review, these are excellent worksheets to discover what a transfer student knows about rhythm because they contain rhythm concepts that every beginning music student should learn.

There are three levels in this set, with more levels to come. Each page increases slightly in difficulty. The levels, which do not correspond to piano methods, are labeled at the top left hand corner. To help sort the pages when I get in a hurry, each level is a different color. To download these free printables, click on the titles above.

To my wonderful friends who use UK rhythm vocabulary, I have a version posted for you. Go here and scroll down. 


  • To reinforce elementary rhythm concepts
  • To determine what concepts a transfer student has learned


  • These sheets are age neutral and may be used by all ages.


  • Worksheet
  • Pencil
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  • Oyungerel

    Thank you so much for all materials. I am teacher of high school. These materials are so creative and interesting. Also i very like it. Again thank you very much.


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