My friend Cecilly has been busy creating new games.  She generously shares these games with all piano teachers. This is a simple game that is with directions so easy,  even I can figure it out!  You can play this game at a lesson, or it could be a fun group lesson game. I took the picture above with one of my bean bag toys I keep in the studio just for fun.

You might wonder how this is any different from just doing flash cards sitting at the piano. Well, this gets the student off the bench and in a different frame of mind. It breaks up the routine and makes piano lessons more fun.

Here are the directions from Cecilly:

Materials needed: 9 note flash cards, a bean bag to toss.
Set up: Place 9 note flash cards face up or face down on the floor in a tic tac toe grid fashion.
To Play: The student stands at a distance and tosses the bean bag to the grid of cards. Which ever card the bean bag lands on is the one the student must name (or play on the piano). If correct, Turn the card over. If incorrect, remove the card.
Continue, having the student toss, trying to win a 3 in a row, or until all cards have been landed on and named/played.     -Cecilly


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5 thoughts to “Tic Tac Toe Note Toss Game

  • cecilly

    I played my game this afternoon with a student, and while I didn’t use any X or O cards, it worked quite well as follows…

    When the student correctly identified and played the note tossed on, I simply turned it over. As he aimed for a 3 in a row, it was easy for him to see. If he was incorrect, I simply removed it from the floor grid layout.

    So for anyone not using the X’s and O’s, this way worked well. My student really liked it too.

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  • Cecilly

    So glad you like this game idea. I too am always trying to find new fresh ways to incorporate various flashcards for review.

  • Carol Dawn

    I really like this one, and I’m realizing the wisdom of getting the students off the piano bench, too.
    Thanks much!!

  • Rebecca

    I’m constantly looking for fun ways to use flashcards. This is a great one, and I know several students who would love it!


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