Christmas Recital Certificate
Christmas Recital Certificate to pass out after your music recital.

Scroll down for the link to the free Christmas recital certificate. A few years ago some teachers asked me if I had had ever made a Christmas recital certificate. My first thought was to do a Google search and find it on my site for them.  Alas, I couldn’t find it on my site anywhere! […]

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New Recital Certificate
Certificate for Recital Performance

Recital Certificate A couple of teachers asked me if I had a recital certificate to match the recital programs I posted a while back. My first thought was to find it on my site and send them the link, because I knew I made one. Alas, it wasn’t on my site! But it is today! […]

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One Minute Club Certificate 2018

One Minute Club Certificate 2018 Today I am posting a certificate for the 2018 One Minute Club. If you are not familiar with the One Minute Club, the idea is to show students flash cards and they “say and play” the notes on the grand staff in one minute or less. I’ve posted about it […]

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Flowers Recital Certificate

Flowers Recital Certificate Editable Flowers Recital Certificate – Fill in by hand Last week I posted a new cover for a folded recital program. I thought it would be nice to have a recital certificate to match! I know what you’re thinking; the flowers will be great for some students, but for other students, this is not […]

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Templates for ready-made Certificate Paper

Traditional Certificate With Lines – Write by hand on the lines. Traditional Certificate Fillable – Type your text in Adobe Reader and print. I found a really good sale on certificate paper, the kind with a traditional border where you write or type your own wording. You can buy it on Amazon or any office supply store. […]

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