Fishy Scales Certificate

Fishy Scales Certificate

When your younger students learn their 5-finger scale patterns, reward them with this colorful certificate!

I made this last year when a teacher asked me if I had a certificate for my Fishy Scales. I didn’t have one, but I thought it was a good idea, so I made one!

I’m not quite sure why I never got around to posting this when I made it, but here it is now.

The nice thing about this certificate is that you can not only use it to go along with the Fishy Scales,  but really for anything, since it is blank.

If you are looking for something for your older students, check out the technique certificate I posted several years ago for older students.

I hope your students enjoy the fishy scales certificate!

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3 thoughts to “Cute Certificate for Completing Fishy Scales

  • Maria

    Thank you so much for your colorful resources. You are truly an inspiration to all piano teachers.

  • Eliz

    …..take a look at the certificate……WoW, it’s SO BEAUTIFUL !!!

    Thanks for coming out with such a good idea and fabulous design.

  • Joanne


    I attended a workshop this summer by Mona Rejino who presented a scale book published by Hal Leonard. My students have been using this book and have shown a big improvement in their technique.

    Your fish ‘log’ is the perfect thing for them to see the progress they are making, and I will be using your certificate as a reward for completion at our recital in January.

    I love the keyboard design for the border. Thank you for the beautiful design.


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