Throwback Thursday More Ornament Moves
This worksheet is to help students learn intervals of fifths, thirds, and seconds.

Scroll to the bottom for the free worksheet Today’s Throwback Thursday features More Ornament Moves, an interval worksheet to help students recognize seconds, thirds, and fifths. There are two more just like this on my site featuring different intervals. Ornament Interval Worksheet    Ornament Moves Steps and Skips Worksheet These worksheets work very well on an […]

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The NoteBoys Bundle

NoteBoys Bundle $8.00 On sale for $6.99 until Friday, Dec. 7 midnight The NoteBoys are back in town ready to teach music theory in a different way from any theory book you’ve ever seen! And in this bundle you can get eight posters at half the price of the individual pages. These are the same […]

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Chasing the Turkey Game
A Thanksgiving music theory board game

Chasing the Turkey Today’s Throwback Thursday features Chasing the Turkey, a fun and easy Thanksgiving music theory board game.  If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving game, I hope your students love this one as much as my students did. I don’t know if it was the farmer with his ax, using dice, or if it […]

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Robo Whole Step KickOff
This is a cute music theory worksheet for students to find whole step intervals on the piano keys.

Robo Whole Step KickOff I wonder if your piano students know that robots take piano lessons? Of course they do! How else are they going to learn to play beautifully and not like a robot? Poor robots. For years they have been held out as the way NOT to play. I’m sure they have some […]

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