A Word About Piano Worksheets

Scroll down for this freebie worksheet. I have been teaching a really long time. And I’ve taught music to all kinds of students in many different situations. I’ve taught my own children and grandchildren and I’ve been a music Mom and Grandma while they studied with some excellent teachers. I’ve also been a classroom music […]

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Funsheet for Beginners -Throwback Thursday
This cute and fun music theory worksheet helps students learn finger numbers, piano keys, and the music alphabet. Also in black and white.

There are a lot of teachers starting piano lessons this week. That makes it a good time to post this beginning funsheet for Throwback Thursday. Plus, who doesn’t like cherries! It’s free and comes in both color and black & white that students can color. It’s also iPad friendly if you open it in an […]

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Rhythm Circle Throwback Thursday
Rhythm Circle for 16ths

Today’s Throwback Thursday goes really way back. I first drew these by hand for my students when I was a classroom music teacher. It makes it really easy for students to learn how many 16ths equal a whole note. In a way, this worksheet goes along with my previous post a few days ago about […]

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