Spring Music Theory Funsheets

Spring Music Theory Funsheets is an all-new variety pack of cute spring music theory sheets made to make learning theory more fun! They are decorated for spring with colorful chicks, bunnies, and other fun animals and affordably priced. Ten high quality pages are included. Plus, each page reinforces important music theory concepts so teachers will […]

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❤️ Valentine Candy Hearts Funsheets

♥♥Valentine Funsheets introductory price $4.99 until Midnight Feb. 14, 2020 ❤️ Make your Valentine group lessons or your theory classes a little more fun this week with these cute valentine music theory worksheets. Reinforce important music theory concepts! And you can get them in the store at the introductory price until  Feb. 14, 2020. These […]

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A Word About Piano Worksheets

Scroll down for this freebie worksheet. I have been teaching a really long time. And I’ve taught music to all kinds of students in many different situations. I’ve taught my own children and grandchildren and I’ve been a music Mom and Grandma while they studied with some excellent teachers. I’ve also been a classroom music […]

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Funsheet for Beginners -Throwback Thursday
This cute and fun music theory worksheet helps students learn finger numbers, piano keys, and the music alphabet. Also in black and white.

There are a lot of teachers starting piano lessons this week. That makes it a good time to post this beginning funsheet for Throwback Thursday. Plus, who doesn’t like cherries! It’s free and comes in both color and black & white that students can color. It’s also iPad friendly if you open it in an […]

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Rhythm Circle Throwback Thursday
Rhythm Circle for 16ths

Today’s Throwback Thursday goes really way back. I first drew these by hand for my students when I was a classroom music teacher. It makes it really easy for students to learn how many 16ths equal a whole note. In a way, this worksheet goes along with my previous post a few days ago about […]

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