How to Teach Pre-Reading Music
A tutorial on how to teach pre-reading piano music.

Pre-reading music for the piano is a simplified way to write music notes without a staff to complicate the process. Students can learn the concepts of up and down, finger numbers, rhythm, and hand placements in pre-reading music. Learning to read notes can be very challenging. Pre-reading music gives students an opportunity to become familiar […]

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Froggie Worksheets for Beginners
Colorful Hands worksheet for left and right hands

Today for Throwback Thursday I’m continuing to review material for beginners. Over the years I’ve posted many froggie worksheets and today I’m showing four that can be used at the very first lesson. [Scroll down to see the links.] I don’t use a method book when preschool through 2nd grade students begin lessons. There are many excellent […]

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