Fun With Frogs Book Two

Check it out in the game store! 🎈🐸  Your young piano students are going to love Fun with Frogs Book 2,  a 36 page all-in-one, sequential approach to teaching beginning piano to young children either in groups or private lessons. Also included are teacher instructions, cover, binder spines, a certificate, and table of contents. Book […]

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Fun With Frogs for Young Beginners — 42 pages of Sequential Resources

🎈🐸Your young piano students will love Fun with Frogs, My First Piano Book, the first book in a series of three. This is a 42 page all-in-one approach to teaching beginning piano to young children either in groups or private lessons. These little green frogs are designed to delight young beginners who can identify numbers […]

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Thanksgiving Music on Sale

Pre-reading Thanksgiving Bundle Elementary Thanksgiving Bundle  🦃 ❤️Unlimited Printing for your students or family members! 🦃 ❤️ Thanksgiving Pre-reading Set includes 5 colorful songs and hymns that I arranged for students who have not learned to read notes on a music staff. It is hard to find music for Thanksgiving at this level, especially music […]

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Funsheet for Beginners -Throwback Thursday
This cute and fun music theory worksheet helps students learn finger numbers, piano keys, and the music alphabet. Also in black and white.

There are a lot of teachers starting piano lessons this week. That makes it a good time to post this beginning funsheet for Throwback Thursday. Plus, who doesn’t like cherries! It’s free and comes in both color and black & white that students can color. It’s also iPad friendly if you open it in an […]

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How to Teach Pre-Reading Music
A tutorial on how to teach pre-reading piano music.

Pre-reading music for the piano is a simplified way to write music notes without a staff to complicate the process. Students can learn the concepts of up and down, finger numbers, rhythm, and hand placements in pre-reading music. Learning to read notes can be very challenging. Pre-reading music gives students an opportunity to become familiar […]

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