Pumpkin Music Math
Rhythm worksheets with a pumpkin theme

Pumpkin Music Math What better time than now for a Throwback Thursday pumpkin worksheet! Pumpkin Music Math is a set of two rhythm worksheets. The two versions in the file include an easy and a harder worksheet. The easy version is for first year students who have learned whole, half, dotted half, and quarter notes. […]

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4th of July Rhythm Matching

4th of July Rhythm Memory Game If you are teaching around the 4th of July, here is my beginning rhythm memory game with a patriotic theme. You can use it for all the patriotic holidays, so keep that in mind. This version is for beginning students who have at least learned basic notes and rests. […]

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How to Remember Whole and Half Rests

Whole Rest Half Rest Poster It’s Throwback Thursday, and here is a post from 2008! This poster is a great way to help students remember the difference between whole and half rests, which look so much alike to new readers. I keep posters on a display stand on the low table in front of the […]

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Extra Cards for Rhythm Round About

Rhythm Round About Extra Cards Many teachers in our blog community have been playing Rhythm Round About for years. After I posted it in last week’s Throwback Thursday, I realized there is another part to this game that I’ve never posted. When my older students first saw the board in my studio they wanted to […]

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Rhythm Round About
This is a fun board game to teach students rhythm values.

Rhythm Round About Today is Thursday, and that means it’s Throwback Thursday! What better printable to repost than the best board game you can find to help students remember rhythm vocabulary. Plus it is FREE, because I want all children to have joyful piano lessons. I originally posted this in 2011 and it has consistently […]

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