This rhythm worksheet is for students to work on note values. They draw half notes in the first ring, quarter notes in the middle, and then eighths notes.

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The Clover Full of Notes rhythm worksheet is for students to work on note values. They draw half notes in the first ring around the whole notes, quarter notes in the middle leaves, and eighth notes on the outside leaves.

If you have ever used Rhythm Pizza, (it’s free) this works on the same concept. Writing out rhythms in this way helps students visually understand the relationship between note values. For many students, first they learn how many beats the note receives in 4|4 time, basically memorizing the numbers. They don’t understand the concept of the factional values of notes until later when they are old enough to understand fractions. And our sweet little students, not wanting to disappoint us, will usually not tell us they don’t really understand!

When I was a little girl, before the advent of fire ants, 😒 I spent a lot of time sitting outside playing in the clover. We would make bracelets and necklaces with the flowers by hooking them together and wearing them. Did any of you ever do that! Thinking back on it now, we did a lot of things then that children today don’t seem to experience.

For years I tried to find a four-leaf clover and I never did!

But I have really fond memories of clover, which is probably why I make so much material with clover and shamrocks. Shamrocks, by the way, have only three leaves, so a four-leaf clover is not a shamrock. That means you can use this worksheet any time of the year.

This worksheet works as both a handout and a download for an iPad or other mobile tablet, if you have one. Use your favorite PDF annotator app and you will save ink and paper.

This PDF has two pages, a color version and a black and white version for teachers who don’t have color printers. To print only one page of this PDF, please click here and scroll to this tutorial: PDF Documents: How to print only one page. (You will need to scroll down.)

Click here for Clover Full of Notes

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