Rhythm Circle for 16ths

Today’s Throwback Thursday goes really way back. I first drew these by hand for my students when I was a classroom music teacher. It makes it really easy for students to learn how many 16ths equal a whole note.

In a way, this worksheet goes along with my previous post a few days ago about how important I think it is to introduce sixteenth (or any rhythm value, really) when students are capable, not when the concept happens to appear in a method book.

This is a good worksheet for that. Of course, they also need to learn how to clap basic sixteenth notes, so don’t leave off that part.

This is a helpful worksheet, but it takes some time to finish, something many of us are short of in a piano lesson. It might take the entire lesson for students to draw sixteen 16th notes! Here are some suggestions to speed it along:

• Students fill it partly out and finish at home for homework
• They can fill it out while they wait for a sibling or for a parent and finish at home
• Work with them and fill it out together
• Give it as a theory homework assignment
• Use at a theory class
• Great for homeschool classes

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