Find the Skipping Notes

Find the Skipping Notes Today I am posting Find the Skipping Notes. This is a set of two worksheets I recently made to go along with the stepping note set I’ve already posted called Find the Starting Note  and Find the Starting Note with Accidentals. While they might look the same at first glance, the big […]

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Major and Perfect Intervals

Major Perfect Intervals If you have been following my blog lately, you know that I have been adding more interval worksheets to my site. Today I am posting one that is starting to get more difficult than just naming the interval. In this worksheet, student will identify if the intervals are major or perfect intervals. […]

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Easy Peasy Intervals
Students identify intervals of 2nds to 5th that move up or down on the staff.

Easy Peasy Intervals If last week’s interval worksheet was a little too hard for your students, try this one. The idea is the same as the last one. There are three intervals in a measure. The intervals move up or down. On each side of the measure there is a description of how the intervals […]

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