As a piano teacher, one thing I enjoy the most is a student getting a piece that he really loves and is excited about. I’m different from some teachers because I prefer to give a piece of sheet music for a special solo than a piece out of a book. In the child’s mind, it is so much more special if it is sheet music with a great cover.

Occasionally a student will return their old books to me to use as loaners. No matter the age of the student, they will keep their special sheet music, even pieces they played years earlier. I think that says a lot about the importance of sheet music as a teaching resource.

Today’s post will list a few Early Elementary Teaching Solos. These have larger notes, no eighth notes, no hands together except in a very easy way, and stay mostly in a 5-finger position.

Golden Trumpet by Martha Mier     This is easy and has big notes that skip in an easy way. It becomes a favorite of young students.

Pony Express by Nancy Faber     This is available as sheet music and I think it is also in the Primer Gold Star book. It is very well liked by students and is a great motivator.

Sugar Cookies by Glover      An old favorite, it is very easy with big notes. Beginning students love it and all  old  *experienced*  teachers use it!

I Thought I Saw a Dinosaur by Carol Matz      This piece has funny lyrics and  my young students, girls and boys, love it.

Once I Caught a Fish by Nancy Faber      This is fun with great lyrics.

Magic Pony by Mclean      The title and pretty cover catches their interest and then they love the piece.

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One thought to “Early Elementary Sheet Music Recommendations”

  • Christal

    Just wanted to say, I am really appreciating your blog AND the outstanding fun, creative resources you’re offering! As a newbie piano teacher it’s helping me making piano teaching fun and educational.Blessings!!


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