Thanksgiving Music Crossword
Easy music crossword puzzle for beginners.

Thanksgiving Music Crossword Puzzle Today I am posting a cute Thanksgiving crossword puzzle with easy music vocabulary words. There are twelve beginning music words with my “vintage” hand-drawn turkey in the background. The vocabulary words are usually found in beginning piano method books, so they should be simple enough for your first and second year students. […]

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Pumpkin Music Crossword Puzzle
This is a cute pumpkin music vocabulary crossword puzzle for intermediate students.

Pumpkin Music Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Today I am posting a cute music vocabulary crossword puzzle with a fall pumpkin theme. I made it for older students who have learned slightly more advanced music vocabulary words such as tonic and dominant. After testing it, I decided students were more engaged when I included the words in the […]

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Throwback Thursday • New Year’s Game

[This game has been updated and revised. Please click here for the updated version.] Have you ever had a student return from the holidays and sadly inform you that they had been out-of-town and didn’t open their books the entire time?  I usually turn it into something funny, like, “I can’t believe that they don’t […]

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