Easter Bunny Elementary Level

Easter Bunny

I promise I will not post anymore versions of Easter Bunny! Fortunately my students aren’t getting tired of it!

This version is really good for a student in Primer or Level 1 who has just learned staccato notes and wants to try them out. And if they can play it right away, that’s even more fun for them. There are skips in this piece, so if your students need a little help with that, they can find and circle the skips as well as practice with their fingers in the air and on the piano cover.

There are 2 pages to this version and an easy duet that is very simple. An older sibling or parent can play along. I hope your student will have a hoppy time playing this!

Don’t forget that I have posed an Easter bunny composing printable for beginners that you can do this week, as well as many Easter worksheets.

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