Make it a summer of self-study!

For many years, my friend and piano pedagogy expert Elizabeth Gutierrez has been presenting online piano teaching webinar workshops for piano teachers. They have been on varied topics including technique, expressive playing, pupil saving pieces, artistry, teaching ideas, and even book reviews. These video mini workshops cover just about everything you need to be an effective teacher. You’ll find sessions for piano teaching at all levels, most of which are geared toward elementary to intermediate-level teaching but always with a mindset towards teaching for the future. Plus, she is continually adding additional topics that teachers express interest in.

But no matter the subject, there is one thing that I know to expect from Elizabeth. She is an absolute master of taking something difficult and explaining it in a step by step and easy to teach manner. Technique concepts that are confusing to explain to students, well, she clears it up and makes it so simple. I still have the notes I took when I went to a workshop she gave years ago and I am still using those ideas! There is a hard way and an easy way to teach difficult concepts, and Elizabeth always has a way that is easy for students to understand.

As an affiliate and sponsor of Piano Teacher Academy, I am really happy to announce that Elizabeth has created an online summer camp experience you can attend on your own time, 24/7, with UNLIMITED access! And and this low introductory price, they are so affordable everyone can participate!

Watch these videos on your own time in the comfort of your home!

With access to Webinar Workshops you can view video replays of Elizabeth’s mini-workshop webinars. You will also receive access to future webinar sessions!

🎵 They are specially made video session for piano teachers, both new and experienced.

🎵 The focus is on those problem concepts we ALL encounter when we teach.

🎵 There are sessions for all levels, and most are geared toward elementary to intermediate level teaching.

🎵 Also included are the popular Piano Play-Along and Read-Along teacher discussions.

🎵 Elizabeth plans to offer some exclusive webinar sessions later!


You receive unlimited access as a subscriber or as a lifetime member. You decide which plan you prefer.

$5/month + cancel anytime

$57/annually + cancel anytime

$127 for FOREVER access!

NOTE: this lifetime-access price expires on June 3, and will never be offered at this discount again!  The monthly and annual subscription will remain for the summer.

⏰🎉Monday, June 3, is the final deadline for folks to receive the discounted LIFETIME ACCESS rate.


2 Rhythm Charts (PDFs) for teaching rhythmic subdivisions 

ENROLL in Webinar Workshops with Elizabeth Gutierrez

🎵 No travel or hotel costs and it’s always available 24/7.

🎵 You can fuel your teaching without ever leaving home!

🎵 Access with your favorite mobile device anywhere you travel.

🎵 Think of it as your own self-guided summer conference!

Get started now at these low-cost introductory rates! And be ready for the next set of LIVE workshops (webinars) later in early fall! If you can’t make a live session, the webinar recording will always be waiting for you in Webinar Workshops!

P.S.  Elizabeth has also informed me that she’ll be including a couple of exclusives later this summer just for Webinar Workshop members!  They’ll be posted inside her site.

Click here to view all the details!


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