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Can Can Trio

Can Can Trio

On sale through Friday, Feb. 2.

I am really happy to announce my arrangement of the familiar song, Can Can Trio, for 6 hands at one piano. I’ve just added it to my music store and it will be on sale through Feb. 2, 2018. Your students can’t listen to this without getting in a good mood!

Great fun for all!

I think I’ve mentioned that I write trios for my students, and one of my teens specifically asked me if I would make a trio out of the song Can Can. He said he learned it from a video game, of all things! We had a little discussion about the origins of the song, and he learned there was more to the music than the familiar Can Can melody he knew.

I took a look at the orchestra score from the familiar Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach and decided I could do it! To add to the fun, I added the folk song, Buffalo Gals, and partnered it with the original melody at one point in the music.

This is a long trio, and I worked very hard to make it accessible for early intermediate students who want to perform something flashy, but don’t have the skills for some of the more difficult trios that are available.

When your students start to learn it, they will probably be like mine and ask, “Where’s the Can Can?” I told them to just wait, it’s there!

With all the rests and pauses at the beginning, I was worried about them playing together, but that was not a problem. It also helped with their counting!

Your intermediate and early intermediate students will really have fun with this one!  Each part plays the melody in this energetic piece. For teaching ease, the measures are numbered, and all versions of the score include fingering to help students learn it quickly. Please note there is no traditional trio score with this music because of the length.

This is a studio license. Save the files and a single teacher can make unlimited copies for students. 

Included in the files are the following:

  • A 15 page director’s score with all the parts together. Students will use this score for performance.
  • Three individual scores (for high, medium, and low parts) to save paper and make it easier to learn their part.
  • A color cover page.
  • Bonus slow practice mp3 audio file.  Send it to their phones in a text message!
  • A total of 34 pages.


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The Happy Christmas Comes Once More – Det Kimer Nu Til Julefest

O Fir Tree Dark, O Fir Tree Dear

The Happy Christmas Comes Once More

Det Kimer Nu Til Julefest

This beautiful Danish Christmas carol has such a sweet, folk song sounding melody and easy words for children, that I’ve often wondered why it is not more common in the US.

Once reason might be that maybe there weren’t as many Danish people in English-speaking countries to spread it around. It is very popular in Denmark and you can watch some performances on YouTube. Here is one with orchestra and young singers:

Another reason might be the various texts that use this melody. The tune is found on Christmas recordings by Bing Crosby with words titled O Fir Tree Dark, O Fir Tree Dear. The lyrics are about the Christmas tree, and “the lovely Christmas story tell.”

There are other translations of the original Danish carol, sometimes translated “The Bells of Christmas Chime Once More.” Bells are mentioned in the first line in the original Danish words, and you can hear the bells in the YouTube video above.

When I decided to arrange an easy version of this lovely carol as part of my collection of elementary Christmas music for children, it was really hard to decide which words I should use with the tune. I chose this version because it is found in more hymnals and is easy for children to understand.

I arranged it in the key of C with the starting right hand thumb on D. There is one tricky spot where the hand moves and the second finger crosses over. And, of course, there is the dotted quarter note which you will have to teach by rote. You can use the London Bridge method I’ve mentioned previously.

If you don’t know this carol, look it up. It’s in public domain, so you can find versions with the lovely, sentimental 4-part harmony, which is so heartwarming at Christmas. If you have time, leave a comment if you know this carol, and by what title. Does it bring back memories? I’m curious!






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Now Thank We All Our God – Elementary

Now Thank We All Our God

Now Thank We All Our God is one of the great hymns and I have always planned to post a beginning arrangement. I put it off because there are many versions of the melody depending on which hymn book you’re looking at. So I had to make some editorial choices. I finally decided to write it like I learned it. Certainly you can change some of the notes because in no way do I say this is the correct version. It’s just one version among many.

Especially problematic for me were the fermatas and the layout of the upbeat. I finally decided to write the upbeats as they are usually written in hymnals, splitting the measures at the end of each line. I hope this can be a learning experience for our students and I don’t think it will be too hard to explain.

For beginning students, this is hymn is actually easier than some of the other traditional Thanksgiving hymns because of the simple rhythm and limited notes. Beginners may have problems with the two eighth notes, the fermatas, and the F sharp. Just use a lot of rote teaching in those places and that should solve the problems, because the notes are not that difficult. If your beginner can only play in middle C position, the right hand may be a little confusing, which is why I added some finger numbers in a few tricky spots. By moving one hand out of middle C position, many more tunes can be arranged for beginners, plus students don’t get stuck in C position for months.  For all my free Thanksgiving material, check out this link. 




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The Dragon’s Lair

The Dragons Lair

The Dragon’s Lair $2.99

All the music in my store comes with an unlimited printing license within your personal studio.

One time I had a boy who really liked playing piano, but I couldn’t find anything he wanted to play. He was at that middle age, where he thought anything with “words,” as he said, was babyish, but he wasn’t really interested in pop music yet. He struggled technically and we had gone through all of the teaching pieces that I usually use. So I wrote this for him and he really thought it was fun to play. This is another “easy, sounds hard” piece that we often need at this level. I’ve labeled it Early Intermediate because of some scale fingering, finger changes, and fast-moving position changes. Recently I went though the music more carefully, revised the articulations, and added a cool cover drawn by a game artist.

The Dragon’s Lair is a 3-page piece written in D minor. The energetic first section contrasts with a mysterious sounding middle section. I  added some extra fingering in some of the tricky spots. Students can explore dynamic coloring and articulations as they play this piece just for fun. This is a student favorite for all ages!

I think this is a good festival piece because the articulations and dynamics give the judge a lot to listen for. It also makes an impressive recital piece.

If you are in need of this kind of music, head on over to my store to see a sample page! If you like it, please leave a review.

*Email me if you need a written release for a festival or recital.

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