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Happy New Year! If you have group lessons or some extra time when students come back from the holidays, you might want to play this easy game for beginners. It has been on my site for over ten years, but originally it had only one card and one page of symbols. I finally got around to revising it and it now has four game boards and three pages of symbols. If you put two students to a card, more can play. I like to double students up on a card if they are different ages or if there is a beginner in the group. Adjust rules to the age of your students.

It can also be played with teacher and student because you don’t really need a group to play. Check out the last point in the directions below for teacher/student suggestions.


  • To review beginning musical symbols and vocabulary.


  • Elementary age students who have learned beginning vocabulary, age seven and up.

 Number of Players

  • Two to four players. The teacher can play with a student, or students can play in a group lesson. More can play if students play with partners.


  • Game board
  • Symbol card printables
  • Container to hold symbol cards


  • Print the game board on card stock and cut out the cards.
  • Laminate and cut out the symbol cards.
  • Place the symbol cards in a container.
  • Students take turns drawing a card. If they know the name or what it means they put the card over the corresponding star on their game board.
  • If they don’t know what the symbol means, give them hints until they get it correct. No one loses a turn if they don’t know the answer. We are not trying to teach life lessons about winning and losing, just trying to remember some music vocabulary words. Think of this as guided learning. They will learn as they play.
  • If they don’t have the symbol on their card, they put it back in the container.
  • The game is over when everyone matches the symbols on their game board.
  • In student/teacher games, teachers can help students learn more by modifying the rules. For example, a student who can answer the teacher’s symbol card can have an extra turn. Or,  the teacher says the wrong answer on purpose, and if the student corrects it, the student gets to put the symbol card on their game board.

Click here for the New Year’s Game Boards

Click here for the New Year’s Game Symbol Cards




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2 thoughts to “Easy New Year’s Game

  • Lynne Lightfoot

    Hi Susan! I appreciate your resources and games! My students love to use them! I only wish you would include a pdf with the directions for the games so I can more easily print them out. That way, when I laminate the game, I can just have it on the back of one of the game boards and we can remember how to play. I use these games with my piano students and with the special needs kids at the school where I teach.
    Thank you so much for your resources!


    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome. Glad they’re helpful and I appreciate the feedback. I try to include PDFs of items in the store, but in the free site I’m limited in what I can do.


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