Blank Key Signature Chart

Blank Key Signature Chart

When I am checking my older student’s theory, I aways ask them if they used a chart. They  know what I mean because when you take the Texas State Theory Test, if you write out a key signature chart you are less likely to make careless mistakes.   If left on their own they write a chart so tiny they can’t read it, plus they lose it. So I give them this worksheet to fill out and we practice writing it many times before the big theory test day. At the test they are given a scratch sheet of paper with a keyboard on it, and they can write their chart on that. No, they can’t take their chart into the test! Of course the goal is to memorize them all, and students eventually will. I always tell my students if I can, anyone can!

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3 thoughts to “Key Signature Chart

  • Rachael Hunter

    I would like the key signature chart for the younger students if you haven’t posted it please. It will come in very handy.

  • Cindy

    This chart is really good and smart idea ! Thanks.

  • Joanne

    Your Key Signature Chart is so attractive and well organized. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful teaching ideas and aids. I would like to see your other charts. Thanks again.


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