The Heart and Art of Interpretation

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I’m so pleased to inform all of you that Elizabeth Gutierrez has once again produced another Piano Camp for Piano Teachers VIRTUAL Conference for pianists and piano teachers around the world. And the great news is that this conference never expires! You can attend the LIVE webinars (June 25 – 28, 2020)  and/or watch the REPLAYS later as often as you like!  I’m a proud sponsor and affiliate of this event and can’t wait for you to see the impressive lineup of presenters!

The Heart and Art of Interpretation is the theme for Piano Camp for Piano Teachers this year. A big concern we all have as music teachers is how to teach our students to reach beyond the basic notes and rhythms in a piece and get to the heart of musical expression. And I don’t know about you, but I found on-line lessons were not optimal for improving musicality and making a piece come alive. So I’m excited that this year, six experts will share strategies and inspiration to help you teach students how to improve their ability to play with expression, emotion, and communication.

Elizabeth has gathered a lineup of some of the biggest names in pedagogy who will educate and inspire you to greater heights in your teaching. This conference will dig deep into the topic of interpretation and all its facets – elements of style, sound color, pedaling, emotion, character, storytelling, and much more!  I know you’ll come away with new and practical ideas you can implement with students right away. And during our quarantine, it’s a perfect time to attend a piano pedagogy seminar without leaving your home!

Register for LIVE access to 6 webinar sessions on June 26-27 and receive LIFETIME ACCESS to viewing the webinar video replays on demand and to the downloadable handouts. You also receive access to 4 showcases by major music publishers with door prizes and goodie bags galore!

There is no expiration for viewing the webinar ever!

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Session Topics

“Ten Teaching Tips to Improve Artistry and Communicationby Jensina Oliver

This workshop will provide strategies and inspiration to help you teach students how to improve their ability to play with expression, emotion, and communication. Topics include use of descriptive language and imagery, mechanics at the keyboard for better variety of sound, discovering and organizing patterns in the score, and more. Audience participation (optional) is encouraged in advance (online survey) and will be used during the session to create a discussion-based and participatory environment for learning.musicianship, while integrating musicianship, theory, and sight-reading into every session.

Teaching Stylistic Differences by Nancy Bachus

What is it that defines a style period? We will look at the major cultural influences on Baroque, Classical,Romantic, and early 20th century composers. How composers used melody, rhythm, form, and other elements of music is key to determining the style. How ornamentation varies with style periods will also be explored.

The Score Speaks: Teaching Interpretation through Musical Mapping by Dr. Susan Osborn

Teachers have multiple tasks in creating well-rounded musicians. When teaching interpretation, we can easily default to coaching our own ideas. But students can learn to be independent interpreters from their youngest years. Dr. Osborn will explore the idea of creative “Mapping” as a tool for encouraging interpretation. She will discuss how Resource Charts and Mapping lead to the creation of stories and art, thus opening a gateway for more imaginative musical thinking.

Jazzy Students by Tony Caramia

In this overview of many teaching pieces in the jazz idioms, from late elementary to late intermediate levels, we will discuss how to interpret swing rhythms; when to add grace notes; the role of tempo choice; and how students and teachers can broaden their understanding of the Jazz idiom through the written score.

The Magic of Imagery by Catherine Rollin

In this session, Catherine will demonstrate how we can use dance, vocal, instrumental and artwork imagery to spark the imaginations of our students, leading them to convincing and magical performances.

Pedaling — Colors in Sound by Katherine Faricy

The purpose of this session is to introduce a systematic progressive procedure for developing artistic pedal in students’ technique from the very beginning of piano study. Chopin once said that “to learn to use the pedal correctly is a lifelong study,” and Anton Rubinstein remarked, “The longer I play, the more convinced I am that the pedal is the soul of the piano.”

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The early bird price for this conference is good until midnight Central Time, June 19, 2020. The investment for the Camp’s six sessions is only $109 and you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to these sessions and the handouts.

Please note! The early bird discount expired June 19, 2020.

Elizabeth Gutierrez has years of experience teaching piano, piano pedagogy, and piano literature to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has given numerous workshops and master classes to teachers around the globe and as a national clinician for Faber Piano Adventures. For her workshops and online courses, she draws on her extensive background as an independent teacher, professor, performer, and composer/editor/author.

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