Circle Intervals Worksheet
In this worksheet, students identify intervals from unison to octaves.

Intervals Circles Today’s post is Interval Circles, a worksheet for older students to identify intervals from unison to octaves. I mentioned last week that I needed more interval worksheets, so I am following through! This worksheet gives students practice in how musicians see and read intervals in a score. Not all students are born good […]

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Throwback Thursday – Rhythm in the Grid

Rhythm in the Grid I’m on a rhythm kick here on Throwback Thursday. Last week I posted Rhythm Pizza, a great hands-on way to teach rhythm values. Today I am posting Rhythm in the Grid,  two rhythm posters for older students that show rhythm values another way. We all know students have different learning styles, […]

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New Release – A Dangerous Situation

A Dangerous Situation All the music in my store comes with an unlimited printing license within your personal studio. A Dangerous Situation is a fast intermediate piece in A minor, filled with mystery and suspense that will become a student favorite. If you have a student who is struggling to practice two-octave scales, this appealing […]

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