Keyboard Bingo for beginners

Cover the Keys Bingo

Cover the Keys is a bingo type game that you can play with one or more students. I made this game for students who are just starting piano and are learning the keys on the piano. There are enough cards for 6 children.  The teacher  calls out a keyboard letter and if the student has it on his game board, he covers it with a bingo chip.  The first player to cover all the keyboards on their card is the winner. When only teacher and student are playing, they take turns drawing letters from the music alphabet. There is a set of alphabet cards on my website.

You can save milk jug lids to use as tokens with this game.If you email parents and ask them to send you lids, you will soon have all you need. Recently I found some pretty little flat stones for a very reasonable price that I plan to use with some of my games.

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