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Throwback Thursday is a weekly review of free material from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources.

The Step Skipping Along game is a colorful board game to help students learn to quickly identify steps and skips on the grand staff. Since it was over five years ago when I revised and reposted it, I thought it would make a good ThrowBack Thursday. The following is a reprint from the original post eleven years ago. Scroll to the end to download Step Skipping Along.

[Reprint] The objective of the Step Skipping Along game is for students to quickly learn to identify steps and skips on the staff. The cards that go along with the game can also be used as step, skip, and repeat flash cards.

There are other ways to play this game. One way is to use musical alphabet cards, am I have posted several of those on my website. You can also use it for ear training and play steps and skips.


  • To recognize skips and steps on the bass and treble staves


  • All students who are working on steps and skips on the staff


  • Game token for each player
  • Game Board printed on card stock
  • Step and skips cards printed on card stock (fits business card stock, too)
  • Optional back for cards

Directions for 2 players

  • The first player draws and identifies a card as a step, skip, or repeat.
  • If it is a repeated note, the student stays in the same place.
  • If it is a third, the student moves his token forward, skipping the note next to the one he is on. Skips will be to notes of the same color.
  • If the note is a second, the student moves his token forward to the next note. It will be a note of a different color.
  • If a student draws an (optional) card with text, he follows the directions.
  • The first player who reaches “finish” is the winner.
  • The optional cards with written instructions speed up the game if you have very limited time.

Why I like this game

  • The directions are easy and I don’t forget how to play it.
  • It focuses on one skill: reading steps, skips, and repeats.
  • It is a very fast game that a teacher can play with a student in less than 5 minutes
  • It is good for all ages of beginners.

Click here to download Step Skipping Along

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