Rhythm in the Grid

Rhythm in the Grid

Rhythm in the Grid is a way to explain 16th note counting. I made this “pre-computers” years ago and it has been helpful with some students over the years. This is a great way for visual learners to learn the concept of how to count subdivided beats. Recently I re-made it and I liked the results so much I decided to share it with other teachers. I hope someone finds it useful.  [Edited: Now the file includes two pages, for 16th and 8th notes.]

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2 thoughts to “Rhythm in the Grid

  • Esther

    Dear Susan, Thank you for sharing all this wonderful games and ideas, I take care of my beginners pupils as these first steps will mark a profound memories of love, sharing and learning. You are very refreshing and imaginative.
    Thank you again.

  • Jann Harrison

    Someone posted your site on the piano teacher support group, your materials are great! And thank you for sharing them with us. I’m always looking for new ways to present ideas to my students. I’d be interested in this one for younger kids (I have mostly beginners), have you made a simplier one? Thanks again! Jann


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