Shamrock Notes Bundle

I wish learning to read music wasn’t so hard for some students. But for many different reasons it can be a frustrating experience. Rather than get discouraged, I try to think of one more thing I can do to help out.

Seasonal activities can lighten up the process, so I have made a lot of seasonal worksheets like this to make it more fun. If you are a regular reader, you have seen my turkey, egg, ornament, heart, and now, shamrock notes.

There are more ways to use this than just a worksheet to write in note names.

  • Have the students place music alphabet cards in order on the table before starting.  This is a big help for students who are struggling. (The cards in the picture are from the Shamrock Keyboard game but you can use any set you happen to have.)
  • You can work on learning what comes before each note by starting at the top note and working backwards.
  • Play a type of bingo game where the teacher calls out note names and the student put a chip over it, using the magnetic wand and chip set.
  • Place a chip on a note and let the student run over to the piano and play it.
  • Use the bingo chips to place notes on steps and then skips.
  • Place a paper keyboard on the table and match the note with the key.
  • Students just starting piano lessons can circle notes on lines or spaces, or number the notes going up and down on the lines and spaces.

I really believe that if students have fun, they learn faster. I am amazed at all the creative ideas from teachers who email me.  Even some students write me about the music clubs they have started that use material from my website and other websites. I especially love it when you send pictures!

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6 thoughts to “Shamrock Notes for St. Patricks Day fun

  • LaDona's Music Studio

    It is so encouraging to read your opening paragraph – about the difficulty some kids having learning to read. It’s easy to get discouraged as a teacher – thinking if only I had tried a different method, or more theory, or whatever. But the simple truth is that no matter how well taught they are, some students will struggle.

    Thanks for reminding us of that! Thanks also for another beautiful, colorful note-sheet. They are a hit!

  • Emily

    I’ve laminated the 12 levels of your “notes in the fast lane” and at the end of each lesson if the student can complete the sheet in under 1:30, they move up to the next level. Once they complete all 12 levels, they’ll get a paper trophy with their name on it put on the wall titled “fast lane finishers.” My special needs students who don’t do well with time limits simply complete the sheet without my help, and if they get 100% they level up.

  • Sarah

    I did something similar to this with your Valentine notes page with students last week. Depending on their age/skill level we matched notes on either the notes page or on the keyboard using candy conversation hearts. The kids loved it- especially getting to keep the candy for notes they correctly identified!
    Thanks so much for all your great resources!

  • Nicole

    I am receiving the same error. Looking forward to using these! I was wanting a sheet just like this, I think you read my mind! 🙂

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. You should be able to download it now!

  • Darlene Kliewer

    I am getting a 404 error message and not able to download this to print it out. Is there some reason for this or am I doing something wrong. Thx


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