Shamrock Rhythm Game

Shamrock Rhythm is a game to find the missing rhythm value in a measure. There are two pages to print out, a game board and the circled shaped cards. Each measure in the cards has a note left out. There are two measures for each note value, but you can play a quick version and use one card per note.

Print both pages on card stock. Laminate and cut out the circle cards. They would look cute printed on green card stock, but the light green shamrocks will not show up. Laminate the game board.

Place the cards upside down in the middle of the shamrock on the circle.  The student will draw a card and place it on the note or notes that are missing in the measure. (Notice that in 4 of the cards, one beat is missing and the student may put it on  either 2 eights or the quarter note. It doesn’t matter which one.) When all the cards are placed, the game is over.

.Of course, there can be many variations. Maybe you can print out 2 or more game boards and play this at a group lesson. You could use a stop watch and let students race. Or you could see who can cover their notes first. There are endless possibilities, which is how I like piano games to be because we have students with so many different ability levels.

FYI, you may notice that I have 2 cards  that have empty measures. Those are for the whole note and since they are the same, you can omit one if you wish.

[I recently remade the printable for this game. The old version used a ton of ink. By changing the pattern to dots, this version is a lot more printer friendly.]

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5 thoughts to “Shamrock Rhythms

  • LadyD

    There were a few tricky ones in this game. My students were up for the challenge. What fun and especially for the holidays. I love the color and design of this game. Thanks so much for making piano lessons so special!

  • Rebecca

    Do you have any idea how much I adore you? I LOVE holidays, ESPECIALLY St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll be using this one for sure!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks! I enjoy your blog, too.
      I have a few more St. Patrick’s things to post. I love holidays to make holiday teaching material.

  • Joanne


    I love your holiday themes and the shamrock is really very nice! I can’t wait to get up to Staples and have it laminated and begin using it tomorrow. I plan to ask for the laminating machine for my birthday, that you posted once.

    I would like the game in 6/8 time for my intermediate students. Most of the games are too easy for them, and I have a hard time finding things in 6/8. Even some of the rhythm websites don’t offer 6/8.

    Thanks for your continuing inspiration.

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I need to fix up and post some of my material for older students.


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