Today’s Throwback Thursday is an Autumn themed game with cute little pumpkin flash cards! 🎹🍁 The objective of this game is to review notes on the staff or piano keys. It comes with cards for both, and it is a freebie! You can use it will all ages. Just pull the notes that your students haven’t learned. Originally I made this as a file folder game, but you do not have to follow those directions. Here’s the original post. 

I love pumpkins and so do students. Today’s activity has a pumpkin theme so you can use it now and all the way up to Thanksgiving.

Throwback Thursday is a weekly review of free material from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources.This activity is a file folder note matching game. The hardest part is cutting out the pumpkin cards. If  you have trouble cutting small items, I also added some cutting lines so that you can cut out squares instead of cutting around the tiny pumpkin stem. If you decide to cut out the individual pumpkins like I did, and you plan to laminate them,  cut the pumpkins first, and then laminate them. When you cut them out again, leave  as much  laminated margin around the pumpkins as you can.

There are 5 pages, including a page for the bass clef notes, a page for the treble clef notes, 2 pages of pumpkin flash cards, and a page of keyboard cards.

There are no hard and fast rules for this game. I tried it out with students, and I changed it around for each ability level.

I made this game so my students would have another seasonal way to practice identifying the treble and bass clef, as well as learning the names of notes. I like to keep my elementary  students  enthused about piano lessons by having different activities. And they often learn something new. In this set, there is a high treble G and the bass clef D, something that was new to some of my early level students. However, I suggest you pull these cards if you don’t want to use them.


  • To quickly recognize the treble and bass clef
  • To reinforce names of notes on the treble and bass staves
  • To play a seasonal activity


  • Print out the treble and bass game boards.
  • Print the pumpkin flash cards and the optional keyboard cards, and cut out either around each pumpkin or on the dotted lines.
  • Glue or tape each game board to the inside of a file folder. Tape an envelope on the front of the file folder to hold the pumpkin cards.
  • Students match the cards with the names of the notes on the game board, paying special attention to identify the clef first

Other ways to play

  • Use a timer to see how long it takes to complete each clef
  • With two students, have a race to see who can match the notes first
  • If students don’t know their notes very well, use guided practice and help them figure out the notes
  • Play with certain notes only, such as ACE
  • At a group lesson, put students on two teams and let them play against each other. Be sure to laminate the cards if you do this because they will get excited. 


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2 thoughts to “The Pumpkin Patch – an Autumn Game

  • Joanne Tadych

    Susan, I love this game and used it every fall with my students. Is it possible to publish key signatures now that they are older?
    Your graphics and artistry are beautiful!

    • Susan Paradis

      Joanne, Thank you for asking! I don’t know if I have time right now to make more for this but it is a good idea. Glad you like the graphics! Try the other games I made for key signatures. There are several fast ones.


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