Hi, everyone! Welcome to my newly designed website! We’ve been working really hard over the last month redesigning my site and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you today!

You can now subscribe to my newsletter (click on the side bar) where I will send out occasional exclusive content and updates on my latest new releases and posts. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spam you! As a thank you for subscribing, you will receive a set of  worksheets featuring learning to read the ACE way. I’ve been using that method for a while, and my students tell me it is so much easier to learn note names! My friend Elizabeth Gutierrez presented this at one of her summer workshops, and I’ve never looked back.

By the way, this subscription is not connected to the email some of you receive when I post, so you will need to subscribe again if you want to receive these new worksheets.

As you know, things change on the internet and my old website was so out of date that I couldn’t even install the latest updates. So this new design is a real necessity. But I want all my faithful readers to know that while it might look different, everything is still here for you.

The big difference is that I now have a home page, so when you open my site you will always see the same page. To get to the blog where I will continue to post free material weekly, simply select “blog.” You can also save the URL for the blog on your favorites bar and go directly to the blog.

You will still select “Free” at the top menu to see all my material organized into categories. Select “Store” if you want to buy some fun music. And if you can’t find something, there is a search button on the right. Or you can do what I do when teachers email asking me where something can be found. I Google “Susan Paradis” followed by whatever it is I am looking for. An example is: Susan Paradis Picture Scales.

Let me know if you like my new design!

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16 thoughts to “Welcome to My New Website

  • sharonmoepiano

    Hi Susan, I just purchased two Christmas bundles and I’m having difdiculty finding how to get
    to downloads. If there’s a secret, can you let me know the procedure? Thanks, Sharon Moe

    • Susan Paradis

      Sharon, thank you for your order. Please check your inbox for the links to your order.

  • Leona Porth

    Hi Susan,

    I too have just had a website built! It has been very interesting to do this… a lot of work, but, I’ve learned so much! I’m going to start following you in earnest, as I realize that I don’t even know what you mean by the ACE method of teaching!! I just love new ideas to try, and if this was so successful in your teaching, then I want to learn more about it. Although I am in Canada, I am planning to be at the Pedagogy Conference in Chicago next week. Are you planning to speak there? It would be wonderful to meet you!! I’m so happy I happened to find your name as I was tidying my studio last evening! I’m just in time to be introduced to this beautiful new website!!!
    WOW, you have sooo much to offer that is even free!!! Thank you, thank you- I’m now officially a fan of yours, and THANK YOU for all that I can see you have here for us to use to better our teaching!!! Hugs, Leona

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!

  • Veda Journagan

    Your New Website Design is fabulous! Your amazing resources have revolutionized my approach to teaching. I love having your creative worksheets and games to spark so much FUN, LAUGHTER and LEARNING in my studio!!
    I cannot overstate my appreciation for all that you are offering to all of us and to our students. Many, Many Thanks!

    • Susan Paradis

      Veda, thank you so much. It is so wonderful to know that I have made a difference, and that you took the time to let me know!

  • Donna

    Love the new website!!! Easy to navigate! Long time fan of yours!
    ? Do you have a 2018-2019 version of calendar that looks a little older? Most of my students are middle & high school students with quite a few boys. I am thinking they are not fond of kittens. But I always use your calendar…it is the best out there and works perfect for my studio needs.

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you for the comments on my new design. I’m trying to get used to it!
      Yes, I knew when I made the calendar that the kittens would not be for everyone, so included in the file is a plain version. For teachers who don’t want the entire bundle, there is also just the studio calendar, with the file containing only the plain and the decorated version, 2 pages instead of 15. So you can print the kittens for your younger students and your cat lovers, and the plain one for your older students.

      • Donna

        Thank you!

  • Carmen

    Loving your new site. Thank you for providing such wonderful resources. My students and I love them.

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks, Carmen!

    • Sandy

      Congratulations, your website looks fabulous!

      • Susan Paradis

        Thank you!

  • Amy Chaplin

    Congratulations, Susan, looks great!

  • Kristin

    I love your new site! Thank you for all the fantastic resources and your heart to make music fun for teachers and students alike. I can’t wait to explore more.

    • Susan Paradis

      Amy and Kristin, thank you so much. I appreciate the feedback!

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