Fishy Scales

Fishy Scales

Several years ago I posted these cute fish as a motivation for my younger students to learn scales. Another teacher gave me the idea, and it has proved to be lots of fun and very motivating for my elementary students.

There are two colors of fish, one for major and one for minor. Some students are working on 5-finger scales, and others are playing full scales. When my pre-school and elementary age students learn a scale, we write the name on one of the scales of the fish. When I have put these all the wall, I am amazed at how much it motivates the students to practice their scales, especially the 5-finger scales!

I print them on card stock, laminate them, and use a dry erase marker so I can use them over and over. They are attached to the wall with removable clear mounting squares.  You can either cut them out along the black outline of the fish, or do what I do, cut on the dotted line.

I found a set of four inexpensive dry erase markers at Wal-Mart that have built-in magnets as well as erasers. Coincidentally, they stick to my fireplace screen so one is always easily available.

This is a big thank you to Arlene Steffen, the generous teacher who gave me the idea. It has been a big hit in my studio and really motivates students to learn their fishy scales!

[Edited: The graphics have been updated. There are 4 fish on each page.]

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One thought to “Fishy Scales Revised”

  • Cheryl

    Yay!!! Thank you SO much for doing these!! I am so excited to use them.


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