NoteBoys Bundle $8.00 On sale for $6.99 until Friday, Dec. 7 midnight

The NoteBoys are back in town ready to teach music theory in a different way from any theory book you’ve ever seen! And in this bundle you can get eight posters at half the price of the individual pages.

These are the same posters that were on my old site years ago except I really needed to update the files and use them to help support this gigantic site. I also made some small changes in the text and graphics. The old ones have been floating around Pinterest forever and teachers have asked me to post them, so here are the ones I’ve updated so far. I hope to get the rest of them up, including some brand new ones you’ve never seen, before long.

My late elementary and middle school students love the NoteBoys and laugh as they read about the comic exploits of the three personalities who have a “unique” approach to teaching music theory.

Using kid-friendly humor and visual graphics, they explain in simple terms theory concepts that some students just don’t “get.”

Included in this first bundle are:

  • Traveling Triads – an introduction to inversions
  • The NoteBoys Present Inversions
  • Invert These Triads
  • Inverting Triads in the Bass Clef
  • What is a Major Scale
  • How to Play a Lead Sheet in One Easy Lesson
  • Meet Mighty Dot
  • Mighty Dot and the Case of the Dotted Half Note

These are printables, which means you print them on your home computer or take them to a print shop. I print mine on card stock and laminate them so they really last forever.

The pages that teach triad inversions were especially popular back in the day. I included in the download file some ideas on how to use manipulatives to help the learning process for those who missed it the first time around.

Every item in my store has a studio license, so a single teacher can make unlimited copies. Since I’m a teacher, too, I try to make things easy peasy for you.

Please read the complete Terms of Use before your purchase.


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One thought to “The NoteBoys Bundle”

  • Beverly Holt Guth

    Susan, I’m so thrilled that you’re making more Note Boys! My adult students like them every bit as much as the kids. I’ve been using your old ones just in a notebook that I keep for use during lessons, each sheet in a plastic slip cover. I like the studio license idea, because some students would do well to look at them at home, too. CAn’t wait to see what else you’ve come up with!


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